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Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital

The Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital is Belgium's only university hospital devoted entirely to medical care for children:  everything here is designed in the interests of the child and the parents. With a capacity of 183 beds, every year more than 14,000 hospitalised children are treated at the HUDERF as well as 200,000 who attend for consultations.


Erasmus Hospital

Since 1977, the Erasmus Hospital has been providing general care adapted to the individual patient. With a capacity of 1,048 beds, every year it is able to care for between 25,000 and 30,000 hospitalised patients and between 350,000 and 400,000 outpatients attending for consultations. 

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Jules Bordet Institute

An integrated multidisciplinary centre, unique in Belgium and recognised internationally, the Jules Bordet Institute is a hospital devoted entirely to patients with cancer.   With 250 hospitalisation beds, every year 6,000 patients receive care during hospitalisation and 60,000 attend for specialised consultations.


A threefold academic mission


The H.U.B is a reference centre of international renown providing top quality care accessible to all. From diagnosis to treatment, the H.U.B. brings together experts in all areas of healthcare: general, oncological and paediatric. 


In uniting leading edge research centres, the H.U.B. is a reference in combating diseases in all areas of health (general, oncological and paediatric), in fundamental and clinical research.


The University Hospital of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the H.U.B provides top level teaching in all the healthcare professions. This hand-on training in close contact with the medical teams and patients permits an integrated approach.