Patient Story: Elodie Lélu, patient and filmmaker

Meet Elodie Lélu, a patient at the Institut Jules Bordet, who combines her hospitalization with her professional activity: filmmaker.

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Affiche de film d'Elodie Lélu - patiente à Bordet

For the past two years, the filmmaker, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, has been undergoing chemotherapy. At the same time, Elodie Lélu has been working on the production of her next feature-length film, and has had to combine her work with her therapy.To complete the project, her bedroom is being transformed into a film studio so that the director can continue to work and make progress on the editing.

Elodie Lélu's film "Retro Therapy" will be premiered on 16 January at 9pm in Tournai at the RamDam Festival and on 17 January at 7pm in Mouscron. It's a film that offers hope and shows that it's possible to thrive, even when faced with illness. Details of the film and screening: